Marketing to Attract More Buyers

Sunday Oct 13th, 2019


Are You Get Top Dollar for Your Condo?

Why do some condo sales generate multiple offers, and others do not?

Here are the top ways that smart Real Estate professionals will work with you to get you the best selling price for your condo.

Giving your property a "just like home" feel is probably the #1 way to generate an emotional attachment to your property. It's the emotion that dictates the selling price even over and above the wallet limitations.  Having multiple buyers who have fallen in love with your condo and who can already visualize living happily in your space is the result you hope to achieve. 

If your agent can create this 'wow' factor,  there is an excellent chance that the sale of your condo can result in the addition of $10,000 to $50,000 (or more in some cases) to your bottom line. Staging gets you to this place. 
I cringe when I see an empty condo with poor quality cell phone pictures on the MLS. It's just a lazy practice and has no benefit to the seller. 

Price low or on target? 

Underpricing to generate multiple offers is a tactic an agent can use in a hot market. But, using this strategy in a cool market can backfire. Your listing agent needs to know the difference. 

Strike while the Iron is Hot 

While your agent is working on getting your condo in a "ready to sell" condition, it is best to order the status certificate ahead of time. It's not smart to leave a long time gap in the 'condition' process. Having the status certificate on hand makes a cleaner, faster sale.

Market, market, market. 

There once was a time where you could believe when an agent told you, "Don't worry. We just need to put it on MLS. It will sell itself." The best agents will utilize three or more marketing selling tools.

The top 3 are 

  • Eye-catching digital marketing on several social media platforms 
  • Hold agent AND buyer open houses 
  • Create eye-catching visual print material to draw motivated buyers to your property!   

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