Staging to Attract More Buyers!

Wednesday Oct 30th, 2019


2 Days and $2200 to Staging an Amazing Condo Listing.


 Staging your condo before listing it for sale will lead to greater interest and more showings! When you work with Real Estate Professionals who really care about getting you the most for your property, they will guide you in this direction.  Staging will attract more showings and give you the potential to attract more interested buyers.  That is why giving your condo, a "welcome home" feel, can add tens of thousands to your bottom line!  Many agents will use a professional staging company to do the work and that means you are renting the furniture for a period of time.  Staging with a rental company for a one-bedroom condo will cost in the range of $700 to $1200 and it is a good idea if you are willing to book the elevator twice for them to move the pieces in and pick them up.

In this video, you will learn how to manage an easy, do it yourself beautiful condo look with an option to keep the pieces or sell the unit fully furnished to the new home buyer!  This offers added value and convenience.  

So, here are the easy ways to make your condo look amazing on the cheap in 2 days or less!

1. A great piece of furniture! $500
The Ikea Ektorp sofa offers value and a fresh, clean appearance. I like that it comes flat-packed and the covers can be changed to suit changing decor styles or seasons. STRUCTUBE is also amazing for reasonably priced, MODERNISTIC furniture, but you do have to order ahead! 

2. Area Rug $150
Ikea is a 'Go-To' destination for area rugs. You are guaranteed a lovely looking piece for under $200. For that price, it's not a crisis if staining occurs!  

3. Coffee Table and End Tables $400  For pictures, coffee tables, and end tables, smart shoppers search Homesense first! With every store unique, you are able to find the perfect look you are seeking. 

4. Picture Budget $250
Two large or several smaller ones. Homesense has hundreds to choose from!! 

5. Lamps $180 Remember, lighting is crucial to create a bright space! 
Need a couple of lovely lamps for your living room and bedroom? Costco is a favourite place to find super cute sets of lamps for under 100!

6. Bar Stools $120. If you have a kitchen island, a few great looking barstools can really jazz up a place. A quick and convenient place to grab industrial style stools is…. Canadian Tire!

7. BedFrame $120  You can order a bed frame from Amazon for a very reasonable price. Note: for this Real Estate short cut, you DO need to get the No Box Spring style as it has more supports built-in.

8. A truly clever Real Estate trick involves getting a 'fake' mattress for staging. This will cost $120.  You don't need a real bed for staging…… a staged air mattress will do just fine! Add a few lovely pillows and bedding. For pictures, this will show as well as any!

9. Beautiful Bedding $140 adds a luxury feel. Costco, Winners or Homesense are all safe bets!

10. Nightstands $120

11. A few decorative accents $100  and a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers completes the look! Gorgeous and good to go!

You can do all this yourself! Or.... You can work with Real Estate Professionals who will get it done for you!

At CondoTeamToronto, we are offering free staging up to the end of the year.*   Go ahead and take advantage of this amazing deal!

*some conditions apply, please call for details.

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